Thursday, December 1, 2011

Getting Tested

I sat there, waiting for the doctor to come in.  Wondering why it takes so long, so long to hurry up and wait.  Move from waiting in the waiting room to waiting in the sterile white fluorescent lighted box.  Half naked, waiting to be poked, prodded, and examined, I was more nervous this time.

Lost in thought, I am startled when there's a knock at the door.

Yes, please come in. I say.

Her smile.  Always warm and generous.  Her time with me is always focused, genuine, sweet.

We are going to start trying to have children.  I say.

I want to get all the precautionary tests done in advance.  I say.

I want to have an HIV test too.  I say.

The moment.  It's there.  I said it.

Her response, unabated, unflinching, nonchalantly she replies, Sure, it is all really simple.  Blood test.  Discrete.  Private.

I can feel my arm pits sweating through the paper gown.  Anticipation.  Nervousness.

It's AIDS.  It's HIV.

I had unprotected sex in monogamous relationships.

You never know.

I don't want to find out when I give birth to a child that has HIV.  It's worth the anxiety.  It's worth the worry.  It's worth knowing, for sure.


The test was negative.

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"1 in 5 people living with HIV are unaware of their infection." Elizabeth McSpiritt, MD, PhD, "World AIDS Day: Getting to Zero"

Get informed.  Get tested.
Let's get to zero--zero new infections, zero deaths, and zero discrimination.

"The beginning of the end of AIDS starts with you."

For more information about HIV and AIDS, or where to get tested, please go to  

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