Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Do I Like About Me?

I am joining in with some other excellent bloggers this week at Just Be Enough to discuss embracing the wonderful and amazing parts of ourselves.  

To embracing being enough!  

This writing prompt could not have come at a better time!  I am ready to relish in my new found sense of myself and of the free spirited and confident person I am.  This explorative truth telling is very inspiring, and I am enjoying the journey very much.

I am the Queen of Diplomacy
My favorite boss in the whole world gave me this title.  At the time I didn't really believe her, because I actually found her to be much more powerfully diplomatic than me, but now, I know it's true.  I really enjoy being diplomatic--thoughtfully examining all sides of the circumstances, validating each perspective, analyzing the opposition, asking each person participating to do the same.  I find diplomacy grounding.  I suppose one could say it is because I grew up in a dysfunctional home where diplomacy was a matter of pure survival, but I like to think of it now as a beneficial attribute, and a highly developed skill.  It requires an intuitive sense of yourself and of others--their needs, their hopes.  It feels good to follow through, to ask that of someone, and to come to a thoughtful and peaceful understanding.  

Organize, Organize, Organize
I am an amazing organizer.  I like the structure it provides.  It was a Proud Mommy Moment when my son laughed at me for placing a toy in the wrong toy bin.  Mommy, (laughs) that doesn't go there!  I enjoy placing objects in their perspective homes.  I know I can find it again.  I know where to tell my son and my husband to find it.  It helps me take inventory of when it's time to recycle, purge, or upgrade.  My closets--by color.  My books--by subject.  My crafts--by design strategy.  I know it is my scientific brain strategizing and manipulating the information, always searching for connections and differences.  It's a process that comes very natural to me, and thankfully something I have always embraced.

Embracing This Moment blogging has given me the time to be creative, in the midst of a messy house, a hard-working husband, and a needy and loving son, I have found time to honor me, these moments, my busy life--and to honor them in such a way that it fosters the creativity needed in all areas.  It's a very organic experience.  When I have taken the time to build an altar or to write a blog post, I find it so much easier to attend to my  son's potty training accidents or my husband's late nights at work.  I can be creative in my problem solving for me and thereby for each of them too.  Creative energy flows through my soul, and I very much enjoy tapping into that amazing place so frequently now.  

Risk Taker 
This is a new and amazing that I have probably always had, but I am only now fully giving myself credit for doing.  I used to think of myself as very shy, but I know now I am most definitely a risk taker.  I don't know many people that would give up their career jobs, live off of a third of what they used to make financially, to be able to stay home to care for their families.  Those life choices take tremendous risks, often daily, if not weekly.  I used to punish myself for these risks, especially when it did not go perfectly.  Oh, how could I be so stupid to take this risk?  I'd ask myself, shame myself.  Now, I can look at me, at that part of me that really thought the risk would be worth it and say Wow.  You took a risk.  That took a lot of courage.  It didn't work the way I thought, but I am enjoying all that I have learned, and I am making it work.  I love that I can have compassion for the risk taker in me.  It means success, and I like feeling it!  

What do you think?  Did you enjoy discovering those parts of me that I love embracing?  What about you?  What do you like about yourself?  Won't you head over to  Just Be Enough to read and share your insights too?